This is Sonic Lobotomy!


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This is a show called Sonic Lobotomy, Pouring out of your TV screen. 

My name is TJ Welch and this show is my concept. I am also the founding member of Boston bands The Blue Bloods and The Welch Boys. My intention is to spotlight bands and performers from both the Boston area, and the world. The show features music that is often against the grain and under the radar. I aim to focus on the performers, with little else to distract the viewer. I also make an effort to get inside the artist’s heads.

Sonic Lobotomy is non profit. The show airs on several community access cable systems throughout New England including Cambridge, Salem,  Somerville,  Brookline,  Springfield, and Danvers. Bands that appear on the show also are allowed to use the material for their own needs. We try to shoot a new episode every month. Each hour long show has been divided into segments for viewing on the SONIC LOBOTOMY YOUTUBE PAGE.

I couldn’t do the show all by myself. I am fortunate to have the support of Danvers and Brookline Community Access Television staff and volunteers. Please join us on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK.

Raise a fist and drink a beer with us, this is Sonic Lobotomy!